Sunday, December 31, 2006

denver, the new year and other things - in fragments

i am live in denver.
the show last nite was cool, however, my lost baggage and long time holiday/jet lag sag had set in , so i was incredibly happy that it went as well as it did.

the show was satuarated with poets from NYC, surprisingly, that didn't cut the room's energy.

did i tell you they lost my luggage? yup. so its official, i hate delta airlines.

and amari is in southern cali living it up with cousins and i miss her more than ever these days.

and it was good to see him.

even though they lost my baggage.

talking is always good for the heart. it felt like awhile since we caught up. even if it was just since the earlier phone call, or the emails.

so im thinking of my resolutions.

life with family was easy this time around. my lil cousin is ready to burst with another baby. my cousin just had her 5th child. jessica here in denver is due in 6 days. and bassey and elai keep me smiling.

all this baby fever got me wondering, what the hell was in the water.

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poeticjourney said...

making a mental note to boycott delta airlines!!