Sunday, March 25, 2007

manchester times

i got here without too much of an issue.
though it was a long, uncomfortable trip, damn middle seat,
and i had to make it from an overnight flight straight to
manchester, another 5 hours of pure ugh, before i checked into
my hotel, walking distance from the station, and fell into a bath.


that little excursion there left me with exactly 1 hour to get ready
and mentally prepared for a hard night. last nite was the dedication
performance to a good fried, dike omeje. he passed about a month or so
a go - and man... he was fly.

he was the first poet i met in manchester, and the one that i kept contact
with while traveling back and forth. he also toured with jive and myself
to poland one year, as his stage presence is incomparable! he passed away
in his home and blindsighted a large amount of the poetry community, that
had no idea he was fighting for his life - in remission.

im running outta minutes and have exceeded my pound per day on the internet limit.
so i will finish this tomorrow.

besides. i have a train to catch into london.

red buses, tea and crumpets

mo (missing bklyn)


E. Zora Knight said...

be safe. be well.

joey said...

hey lovely...was flippin through some shots of nuyo and the under 21...what an awesome time and it wouldn't have been without you & "dorothy", just wanted to send you some kisses for that.... love you!