Wednesday, June 07, 2006

day ONE

the next ten days will mark the dealings and going ons of my new lemonade/cayenne pepper diet (the same diet beyonce used to get ready for the dreamgirls role). so, im sorry ahead of time. no poems, no musings on my so called crazy life until i can get 10 pounds off this waist and thigh area because though JAMAICA doesn't mind big girls, my ankle does.

it's been cracking, locking and carrying on for the past couple of months and alot of that has to do with the extra weight acquired during my bedrest. anyway, enough back history. today is DAY ONE.

and so far, it stinks. i made my first two batches (20 ounces) with too much cayenne pepper.
if you know me, you know i hate reading directions. and these are the things that happen because of that... so yea. now im gulping 2 tbsps of red pepper from my concoction, rather than 1/10 of a tbsp...

me coughing -- alot
burning throat
and sniffing until i sound like an old man with a cigar and booze habit

its raining out -- i wonder how this will sit with my two classes?


joey said...

i'll believe it when i see it (the 10 days with no poems or musings i mean)
when you comin?

CousinSarah said...

Wow. :) You gots will power lady. That is all I can say.

Shelle said...

now that cayenne IS good for ya, but uh that is a lot you know.

Delaleuverses said...

Hi Miss Browne, first I must say thank you for gracing my blog page today. My sister was on that diet and it didn't last, she gave up after the first week, she complained of being irritable. I really don't know how Beyonce did it. Someone must have been following her everywhere she went to make sure she didn't cheat, lol, that's my only guess.