Friday, July 07, 2006


barkley makes me happy. i listen to cee-loo croon as if in his bathroom,
in church - with no remorse. i realize i am in love.


new york has treated me beautifully. maybe not all the people i know,
but it has been considerably kind to me. i adore every cobble stone and
broken ankle for it.

but i have been losing sleep lately. not the type of sleep that keeps you
tossing and turning. but the sleep that never comes, because the heat is too
painful to ignore. or the kids outside fighting are too ignorant to ignore.
or the man snoring next to you, is to beautiful to ignore.

either the case. i'm sleepless in bklyn. minus the internet dating. add the
instances of crazy seinfeld friendships over bagels and coffee and book clubs
that rarely discuss the book but more so our life and the poetry. madness and all.

i had to put poetry on a time out.

too tired to fight the powers that are -- i decided to become THE power.
what that means? you will see soon. until then, i have allocated 2 days to
my slam team, 1 day to my hosting responsibilities and the bulk of my time,
energy, heart will go to our production: JAM. he is growing, our child of

spreading fingers and toes and giggling with teething gums. a year he will
be in September 2006. then we have the second stage of life waiting to happen --
what is it?
that's a surprise too. but trust me. it's not just for me and him and him and her.

it's for you.

the lover of art.
the aficionado of freedom.
the fan of verbage.

you...are me


poeticjourney said...

i love it. motivation is a wonderful thing mo. hell yeah to the "book club" lol!!!!

thir13teenandtheysayitain'tlucky said...

makes me smile.... can't wait.. are you counting down the days?