Saturday, October 18, 2008

For CJ - A McCain supporter that found themselves on my blog...

dear cj,

it is obvious, that YOU are voting for an unstable America.
Obama is a terrorist? so i feel its only fair to break it
down for you.

The first thing out your mouth: BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA... As if
the words "Hussein" should scare me. Let me tell you something "CJ"
my worst fears, have already materialized. The fact that Bill O'Reilly,
also a McCain supporter, can spew words like "Lynching" while speaking
of Michelle Obama, is a pretty clear sign of what is to come. Again.
This world of racism, that Americans like you love to conveniently ignore,
has been a scare tactic etched in the bones of children of color. Your President
has proven that for the past 8 years. But let's not look to the past. There
is nothing that can be done of that. Let's talk about now:

1 - When McCain decided to choose Palin as his running partner, THE WEAKER
CANDIDATE, became quite obvious. He did not respect the people of America
and moreso decided he could play on the need for a woman in office than answer
the call for a qualified candidate in office. Sarah Palin is NOT Hilary Clinton. And
her and her JOE SIX-PACK & Hockey Mom antics won't make her any more
closer to knowing the facts.

a. The fact that Palin is a woman, is not "Change" enough CJ. And there
are interviews and debates that very well question if she is actually a human. I
think she's a droid, on some Stepford Wives ish. I mean really. Any person that
would charge a rape victim for the rape kit -- is suspect. And maybe she didn't
put the law into action, but she sure as hell was more concerned about Caribou
than putting a stop to such a gross misconduct.

b. "I can see Russia from my house?" Really? That makes her a strong candidate
concerning foreign policy?

c. Wink... word.

2 - Terrorists association. Is that all your crew has? When you couldn't scare away the public from idea of a BLACK PRESIDENT, you decide to compare the acts of William Ayers to the deceased Timothy McVeigh. Be clear. Ayers and Obama once lived in the same area of Chicago, as they also worked in the field of school reform and education for the state of Illinois. And because Obama was hosted by Ayers for a congratulatory coffee gathering -- their friends? How silly does that sound.

3 - When I vote for Obama. And I will. I will not be voting for "another September 11 attack," I will be voting for a President that represents all people. Not just the affluent, not just the people of color -- but the fabric in which this nation was designed. And CJ, I know what happened that day. I watched it from my living room window -- I didn't wait for the news to tell me what to feel as the entire city shook in fear and despair and loss. The USA is in need of an overhaul. Out with the standards of keeping the rich, richer and the poor and disenfranchised, asleep. Our country is in need of a facelift. There are countries that look at us confused. I went on a trip to London and underwent an emergency root canal. Free of charge. This is after my own dentist wanted to charge me $1500, for something my insurance refused to cover. This is absurd. This country needs to take care of its citizens regardless of their income.

"I don't like either candidates but prefer McCain over a terrorist lover?" That sounds like some Mississippi-burning-Rosewood-lynching-tirade if I've ever heard one. The fact our country would rather us go spend money than have therapy for post traumatic disorders after the devastation of 9/11 is beyond me. But hey. These are the cards we were dealt. We can't change what happened in the past. What we can do is vote for a man with a spot on VP Candidate like Biden, a man that sticks up for the good of people, rather than the good of the old money's pockets. America teaches our youth "anyone can be President" and the whole "up from the bootstraps - no handout" mentality. But when it actually happens. There are people like you. Ready to chip away the very notion that something good can come out of all the murder and injustice that has slept in the belly of our good ole' United States. This country is ready for something else. Something that feels real. We deserve that. Our future deserves that. You are just too blinded by your own prejudice to see it.

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Shelle said...

get em girl lol...really good points by the way...i mean what can he or anyone say to those, really?