Friday, October 10, 2008

Where I've Been/Where I'll Be...

I've writing tons. And with the recent car tow -- I've had nothing but time
to observe the Brooklyn surrounding me. In that time, I've pledged allegiance
to another 30/30 project. This one has over 50 poets involved. It under the
wings of Nicole Terez Dutton, a cave canem sis. She's awesome. We both have
gaps. Which means the awesomeness is relative. And this one is the best yet!
We're putting together a book of the work, as well as, performances.
*Check dates below*

I finally started back to school last week. I didn't realize how hard it was
to go back, once I stayed away for the entire summer! Pray for me. Also
preparing for the festival. That's been a lot of work! Seriously. And we only
have three weeks before we're in the midst of 40 poets and over 400 poetry
If you want to see me anywhere, come check me out there! I will look as if
my head is cut off --but I'm efficient in my panic. Come give me a hug and
tell me how amazing the show is...Jive Poetic worked so hard on the festival
website -- I wish I had a new website that looked like that! *hint hint*

I'm still blogging. but after the plagurist incident. I'm keeping it a bit closer
to my heart. This skin is too thin for things like that. Hit me on the backend
and I'll send you to the private one. I just got back from the Northbeast
Regionals in Boston. The Nuyo Team (2008) rep'd so hard and we had a ball
even if the car's transmission died on us, about 65 miles outside of Boston.
They are the warmth all humans need to feel whole. We drove 45 miles an
hour for the remainder, just to make it to the slam, to qualify for nationals.
And they did the damn thing. They threw down the hammer with each poem
and was ready for a treat @ a diner soon after. The damage on the car? $1800
So we're having a team show to get that money for the car. I love those guys.
Adam, Akua, Jamaal & Rico. Eboni came along for the ride. And Anaiss opened
her home to all our poetry conversations. We talked about everythin from old
school music, to the top reasons of why not to date a poet. Also checked out
a couple of readings and one man shows. Bamuthi's "breaks" in the New York
Hip Hop Theatre Festival was slightly short of AMAZING. He is a prime
example of honest art.

Then Court and I checked out the reading/discussion hosted by my girl, Nicole
Sealey. Tayari Jones was the guest and after reading her first book Leaving
Atlanta - I had to see the woman behind the wonderful words. The car was
towed that morning. So I walked all the way from the Brooklyn Museum, to
the tip of Brooklyn,where MoCada sits across from the 24 hour Pathmark. I
was sweating and near faint, but I made it. Slightly late. She gave me the evil
teacher eye. I don'tknow if she knows that. Or maybe I was just overly sensitive
to being the storm that disrupted the intimate reading. It was great to hear
though. I'll post the notes I took from her and Bamuthi. But right now, I need
a bowl of cereal. Bad. And some coffee. Word. Check the dates below until then.

Oct 15 2008
Adelphi University
Garden City, New York

Oct 16 2008
LaGuardia College - Open Mic
Queens, New York

Oct 16 2008
SBites @ Sarah Lawrence College
Bronxville, New York

Oct 17 2008
SBPoetry @ NYU
New York, New York

Oct 23 2008
SBPoetry @ Columbia College fundraiser for domestic violence
New York, New York

Oct 25 2008
$500 Poetry Slam @ SoundBites Poetry Festival
NYC, New York

Oct 26 2008
$250 Poetry Slam @ SoundBites Poetry Festival

Oct 26 2008
Return of the Jam Showcase @ SoundBites Poetry Festival
New York, New York

Nov 7 2008
Alfred University
alfred, New York

Nov 12 2008

Nov 16 2008
30/30 Allstars @ Lizard Lounge
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Nov 22 2008
30/30 Allstars in Brooklyn @ Calabar Imports
Brooklyn, New York

Nov 23 2008
Baltimore Slam - Feature
Baltimore, Maryland

Dec 4 2008
Rider College
Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Dec 6 2008
Utica College

Dec 19 2008
SWAP Year End Review

Dec 20 2008
SWAP Year In Review
Manhattan, New York

Dec 21 2008
SWAP Year In Review
NY, New York

Feb 4 2009
Seattle Poetry Slam

Feb 7 2009
Binghamton University
Binghamton, New York

Apr 2 2009
Laguardia College
Queens, New York

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