Thursday, September 28, 2006

all things british

i am here. in manchester, england. the trip was a brief one, and i just left the beautiful flat they set me up in to wait at the coach station so i could finally check email. over one hundred and something of those suckas! damn

i havent been on myspace in days, yes. i am having an allergic reaction! so what?

and i miss home. i think i will try to bake a cake for the upcoming birthdays. the baby and his are days apart. they are so much alike, its freaky. but i would never say a word :)

writing is slow. so slow that i forgot i was still a writer. so i guess the performance for speakeasy/cw was much needed. something nathan p said when i took over hosting was "stay in touch with the performer in you" and when you are hosting - it's hard to think about what poem to do, because you are worried of everyone else'se time limits 'n tings...

so it was good. to be an artist again. must remember to get that equilibriam thing back on track. performer, writer, host, owner, mother. too much on most days. but damn, the journey feels good so far.

and i was commissioned to write some love poems for an anthology here. that's exciting! and i mean hey -- i know about love, don't i?

and it gets my juices flowing. really it does. so now i want to figure out some topics to keep those juices motivated. any ideas?

brit n route to bklyn


thir13teenandtheysayitain'tlucky said...

glad you're on your way home.

poeticjourney said...

be safe babygirl.

Copasetic Soul said...

i hope that you had a great trip. looking forward to seeing whateva your creative juices bring forth

Amanda Johnston said...

Yes, remembering that you are still a writer, an artist, among all of your other responsibilities is hard. I've been on the down low for a minute and I'm starting to get the itch. Poems are coming back. Congrats on the commission! Love poems, huh? Some ideas: forbidden love, motherly love, long distance love, self love, defining love, fear of love...okay, that's all for now. Good luck!