Tuesday, September 12, 2006

engine check

i am blessed





but blessed

i will always remember:

though i have not forgiven you - i wish you all the best.
i can succeed. it is within my reach. i believe in me.
if i could fall into your arms everyday, i would.
there are not enough days to keep you small enough for me to hold closer than my own breath.
i feel bad for vivica fox (though she is dancing the hell outta this fox trot!). she went from movie screens to lifetime tv to reality tv. but then hey - as long as she got rid of FIDDY she aint that bad, after all.
i like you listening. and i love when you think im not listening. im sorry if you think i'm an ass. i love you.
i love me.

tune up complete


poeticjourney said...

a good tune up is always nice....you realize how great you are right? : )

joey said...

do i need to come kick someone's ash? i'mlittle but i'm fiesty as H!
love you MOprah!