Friday, September 08, 2006


talked to a friend today. she made me feel happy for making her happy without trying. does that make me vain? worked non-stop for 3 hours. booked shows til march, recorded isbn numbers and bar codes. how much should my new book sale for? was that a run on sentence? im always thinking like this. he is great. he held my pants so tight i thought the wedgie would split me in half. atleast i knew i wouldnt fall while rolling on 8's. i just found out about his passing. all our love is in texas. im happy. no, really happy. im happy about life. and what's next to come. soul salsa revisted. must make sure reggie is cool with that. taalam's album came out. im on it. so excited to hear what it sounds like. me and tech should get together soon. another track to record while i write up a masterpiece for him. that might be considered too much, but i think i like that more than not. amari is in the greatest class ever! i love life. i love you back. are you ok with that?

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