Friday, September 15, 2006

busy busy busy

yesterday was so good n bad all at once.
i miss him
this world take over thing takes alot of energy

and for this reason, i've only found time to eat
once a day
im sure this isnt good - but hey, i need to lose
the weight anyway.

my prayers are with B-Fran and family, for the loss
of TWEETY: the best brisket cooking Texan with a
music collection out of this world and a penchant
for track races... he was supreme being.

ive been wanting to write a lot lately. but never have
the time - and when i have the time, i don't have the
energy or creative spark to do so anymore.

i will say this. life excites me. which means i am alive

i am alive. which means i am capable of loving and being loved

i am loved. which is the greatest feat of all. because the
world take over isnt worth it, if you are alone.

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Anonymous said...

yeah. this alone thing gets you. i've reached the point where i cant even move anymore. i literally cant move. stood up on the corner of 42nd and times square last night and for a few minutes i couldn't take another step. didn't want to move. didn't see the point. and the loneliness has always been difficult to carry, i just never knew one day it would completely immobilise me. and so after a few minutes of looking up into the lights of times square i found the strength to move one leg and then the other followed and i thought to myself ' this is how people become homeless'. they just lose the will to put one foot in front the other and so they end up just sitting on the sidewalk when their legs get tired.

i am loved too. but i still feel alone.