Tuesday, November 29, 2005

the art of suffocation

i've been waiting forEVER to get my new asha bandele book. not very happy with the response time. i must call her office or bumrush the scene if i want my copy immediately.

note to self: put on the nice shoes.

there are things that still confuse me. like why men get involved with women obviously out of their league. and i don't mean - she's a DIME. or that stupid shyt. but i'm talking about a woman that knows what she wants and is about her business. then here comes this f'up who's just waiting to suck her life force away. it makes me wonder. "why not get a person on the same level as YOU so ya'll can leave the cool productive people to pro-create with the like-minded individuals?"

she is beginning to bore me.

hosted a woman's show last nite. it was the first i had met most of the women there. i think i knew 4 out of 10. so that was cool, to reintroduce myself to a scene that had ousted me (whether by choice or force) so long ago. it ran long, which wasn't cool - but the unification of women's voices was cool.

and then there was none.

i began putting those paintings up on the wall. i have an entire wall of natiq greats. he's relocated from denver all the way to Philly. i must get in touch soon. i also have a D-Cross original and an IYABA original. will take pics and post. i finally got to put up the gift from Joyce (of Austin's Mitchies Gallery) and it looks beautiful. now. i will go buy paint. and beautify them raggedy walls. i'm trying to keep myself busy til i get outta that damn hell hole. if that means make it prettier than that's what imma do!

back to writing. im excited about my new project (as i always tend to be). finishing up the dressel collab, and putting the final touches on my very own publishing company. cherry moon was great to work with. but i decided no time like the present to have your own shyt.

i need a hobby. art for eat, sleep and work can be a bit overwhelming. maybe i'll join a bowling league.



solitaire said...

I hear ya on the hobby thing. Just...something to do in the downtime, when you get a (bit) tired of reading or just being alone.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

i think it mostly has to do with nothing to stimulate me outside of work. my hobby turned into my career over 5 years ago - and now i have nothing that doesn't exist outside of writing. and when i get sick of it and the politics (which i do) i have nowhere to turn. but not anymore. i found something!