Thursday, November 10, 2005

as things come

last nite was great.

the house was packed. helena d lewis, rives and buttaflysoul were in the bldg to support my first "official" host day!

i gave away marble cake and bootleg dvd's. it was hilarious.

then other shyt pop'd off. and reminded me that i am only human. breathe deeply
count to ten
keep it moving

didnt work



thir13teenandtheysayitain'tlucky said...

I have money for a hit man, you know a sister is cute, and don't have hands or will to fight....

poetesscrystal said...

I'm pullin for this to be a positive experience for you sis...for real- you deserve it! I'll be coming to NY early next month and will be sure to come by the spot on a night you are hosting...keep positive and dont let them get the best of you...

Welcome home!

Copasetic Soul said...

Mo....i got made crazy love and just cause a brother on papers dont
mean i wont get durty for my peoples.....just give me names and addys!

where my bootleg dvd's?