Saturday, November 26, 2005

work load

so i've been working on my new set for the upcoming gigs. i want to start with of something totally new - therefore, i have put together something outta this world. very different for ME, but so ahhh - i don't know.

i guess you will have to see it!
but the difference between my past touring schedule and the one below is it's all about the homefront. i decided not to do things too far from home and/or long stints of time. there are too many things at the homefront (like JAM ON IT) that need my attention.

so here is the calendar of a few thangs. catch me if you can.

until the lights burn out,


4 - Jahva House, Worcester MA
10 - amherst college "voice for the voiceless concert"
23 & 24 - Crossroads Theatre, Denver CO

23 - Bar 13 LOUDERARTS feature, NYC
26 - AS220, Providence RI

11 - JAM ON IT "Punany & Politics"
18 - Mecca Sleepover, Milwaukee WI

10 - Nuyorican Poets Cafe, NYC

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