Wednesday, November 30, 2005

christmas shopping and the lateness that is ME

so ive been online all morning.

searching for spa certificates for my grandmother and aunties. already got my sis her joint from london. need to get a painting for my cousin's new digs.

otherwise - amari is taken care of and im still waiting on a check that has been in the mail since last week.

the problem with living in bedstuy is you rarely get your mail. the bills - yea. but the money - always seems to come up missing.

i hate my building. and the post office that services my building. they (as jive says) "keep it real" too much.

finished a couple of installments for the new jumpoff. will be hiring an edit team for this one - as it's an indie release. which i have become more excited about than before.

what are you doing? i haven't heard your voice in awhile


CousinSarah said...

I work on a campus and funny how our stuff that is also a benefit also comes up missin...bills we almost always get but packages, money...that all comes up missin. Like they have infared radar for those things....

Mahogany L. Browne said...

i think they sniff it out! like them damn drug dogs! yay. but they are money dogs! i need a gift like dat!