Tuesday, March 07, 2006


To lemon poppyseed and diet lose quick schemes

i just ate the last lemon poppyseed muffin that was left at the local bakery/coffeeshop. it was really good. but then i became sick to my stomach. because it was so good, so, that i was licking my fingers like a damn mutt. i felt blah. then on came the commercial for losing weight. like i haven't had my share of diet pills already.

i swear, i'm sure that's why i have those bad cramps in my side. and i promised him that i wouldnt take them anymore because they make me super agitated and mean and sometimes, my stomach hurts. but - atleast i had a handle on my weight. so now, im looking at this gym membership bill that i've paid up to 6 months. i've went for 1 month total. my foot is still jacked and it makes it hard to wear shoes, let alone workout in a pair of sneakers!

so i feel like trying farenheit, relacore & that machine that texas ranger chuck norris endorses... hell anything. i gotta lose 50 pounds. and sex ain't cutting the fat quick enough.


being mama daily said...

Paying for six months and going for one...who doesn't know about that! Great luck in your endeavor.

taylor said...

Get a doctors note call up your gym and get credited the time. work the system girl. And if you're serious about that 50 pounds shoot me an email. I got somethin for that.