Monday, March 20, 2006


why i hate men - most of the time - heartbreak edition

after another convo with my homegirl

"they dont respect the power they have over our hearts"...

*look. this isnt a battle of the sexist. or a moment for you to prove me wrong and say "but you have a boyfriend, you believe in love" n shyt. this is a moment of rebirth. of acknowledging the wrong - we already live thru the right. don't go bizerk on me now. im just getting started. first revolution starts at home. love is real. i believe in love. i believe in love. i love men - but hate the shyt that comes along with the dating games.

you know what moves me? commitement. honesty. loyalty. security. knowing. knowing of self is a sexy attribute. fearlessness is also beautiful. it is few men that know what they want and when they get it arent afraid by the pureness of it.

** and yea, there are women who fuk up to... i know, i know, i know. but i don't date women. so i guess that's not the focal point here - now is it!?

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