Tuesday, March 21, 2006

OK, OK, OK again...


a beautiful day! IM so inspired it hurts. i had a wonderful class. i have a wonderful family (when they arent driving me crazy) and today - i can feel
it all warm and squishy under my earth.

that was a metaphor.

i was teaching 3rd graders today. and they make you want to be happy.
when they aren't acting like lil' bad asses! but that said -- it was great.
they were great. i am a great well of well wishes.

that was an alliteration.

those are a couple of lessons that i've been teaching. and it doesn't matter
that brooklyn is being gentrified in front of my eyes. i am happy. and i don't
care if the little 9 year old in a stroller has his eyes on my lemon poppyseed
muffin at my favorite bklyn coffee shop. he can't have it! it's mine. *smile*

that would be sarcasm.

are you insane, i hear you thinking this. no. im not. im happy. and nothing
can take that away -- atleast not just yet. give me a couple of minutes. im sure
reality will hit me square between the eyes (idiom) and then you will sit there, wondering what the hell happened to me. did one fly over the cucko's nest (cliche) or am i just having a mental breakdown (quite likely).

don't fret. i am writing. i am producing work. i am releasing the book sooner than you think, i am recording the cd at the end of the month, i am loved, in love, loving others -- with purpose. i love you. im sorry. you deserve better. we are alike in too many ways. i am only a splinter of God. that is the name of my new something -- i haven't decided where it will go. but i have decided it will stay near me. near me. i allow you to be close.

but not too close. leeches still lurk the waters, i see you -- but i love you anyway. love you enough to let you live. look at me. all happy n shyt. feel'n fly in my jeans (lost 5 pounds)...

feel'n fly in bklyn.

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