Sunday, April 30, 2006

72 hour fix

it's been 3 days

i ve missed you

but there has been no space in this shell for you

yes you, my lovely blog

summer almost never allows our affair to continue
as passionately as its summer existence

im sorry -- that's just how it is.

so today - i offer you this.

a briggie breakdown of the past events!

i had so much fun with my ATX girls. it's a trip. i have to hang out with women to miss them and these mothers, writers, travelers, comedians -- are the shyt! THEY made me laugh more than i them. and i didn't mind the applebee's, sylvia's, dayo's to carolina bbq fiasco. or the shoe shopping execursion that left me $300 bucks in the hole! it was fun. every last moment. especially when they finally got to dig into mike's diner and foam at the mouth over that french toast!

we had those moments. where we fell into each other -- exasperated and full of inspiration. they were here for the youth slam nationals. and whether i was judging a slam or we were throwing back coffee -- every moment was priceless.

so yea, i decided. i want them to move here already. its only fair.

so this is my post to you ladies. the women that have wonderous relationships with their beautiful daughters and sons, the mothers that don't know how to say "um no" or "how bout that" on cue. the sisters that shared the same poetic womb at the apollo - held hands as we cried and laughed and smacked lips for the hell of it.

i swear. if tina had not moved here - there would be no bklyn for me.

here is to ATX driver's licenses, cabana food fest, white chocolate mochas for the love of it and poetry. i'll miss ya'll...


poeticjourney said...

you know i'll always have your back like a bra strap, stop making me cry, you know I love mascara and now I need to go wash my face. love ya!

Shelle said...

sigh, u ladies made me a lil envious i must say...sistahood is always beautiful.
mo, big brotha b said u don't want any of HIS bowling game....uh sweetie, i think he is challenging us!!

joey said...

damnit, i'm crying....(pause too long)... how 'bout that

LC_B said...

Ma' you know you were the best! You made New York for us! I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like without you, ‘mari & Jive. I brought so much back with much much much of everything….see you in ATX and NYC---cuz I’m coming back with my Kimi (even though she wants to leave me!...ummm, NO)

thir13teenandtheysayitain'tlucky said...

Uh.... I wasn't there... And the phone calls back didn't help either... HUH! See you in October...

CousinSarah said...

we are actually thinkin that you should bring yourself down here!!!!! That would make us VERY HAPPY.