Friday, April 21, 2006

it was like

a movie.

except for the couple that kept falling off beat
they made me laugh until my steak and potatoes
fell off the fork.

he didnt mind so much, though im sure he liked me
laughing - hard and girlish (yes at the same time).

it was a beautiful night overall. juniors cheesecake
to top it off
and a walk thru NYC night life.

i didnt think about my mother once... atleast, not til just now. i didn't hear from her. not that i expected to. but i didn't. and it didn't bother me until -- well, just now. i thought about our last big altercation. the one that made me disown her, again.

our history is serious. i will write about it soon. not now. not when the freshness of his kiss lingers. and beauty of turning a brilliant age is blinding. i won't press into the past - the parts that don't hurt at all -- until i touch them.

not yet anyway...


Shelle said...

the one that made me disown her...again.
i hadn't thought of mine either, until just then.

sounds like a beautiful evening

thir13teenandtheysayitain'tlucky said...

glad it was a beautiful one...
sending love..