Wednesday, April 05, 2006


christa been talking to me about this madness that is the mercury metrograde and i promise you -- i aint believe her...until today.

everything that could go wrong. did
getting lost in the BX
missing my first class by 10 minutes
too early for my last class - which cancelled the project ANYWAY

and the snow flying fistfuls into Bedstuy
its APRIL DAMMIT! why is it snowing when it's called april spring

esther and i agreed - the world is coming to an end!

cant wait for the kids finals, JO and Korim will be repp'n ATX which means i get to see my Austing crew :)

and im writing. in my dreams. in my sleep. from the walks to school and back. i am too busy to think of the naysayers, the slumlord or the deadbeat.

april 15th is the next show. i have t-shirts printed and books in editing. i am living my life as i once hoped. minus the really dope loft house (as seen on FRIENDS sitcom). but - i am here.

bklyn n back


poeticjourney said...

Hell Yeah!!!!! It IS called APRIL SPRING . What was up with that??? I mean really!!!

Shelle said...

live the life sistah....i wanna b just like u when i grow up lol.