Tuesday, April 11, 2006

in the race

recovering from bad breaks
and mikes diner.
too many classes not enough time to talk to friends

beautiful outside
ugly inside

was that an autononym?
is that how you spell it?

im drifting -- need to be outside with the computer.

dont wanna miss the speaker's engagement in austin - but i might have to... damn
jamaica is a definite. tickets are bought - we are slimming up for a reason.

be back after these other two classes



fallen angel said...

"beautiful outside, ugly inside..."

have been having more of those moments recently myself...when you figure out how to keep the minimum, please let me know! :)

Shelle said...

why u gotta miss the meeting in austin huh mo, huh!!! daaaannnnngg!

something about being out in the sunshine writing...good for the soul

CousinSarah said...

I am very sad to hear you might not make it out here. We love it everytime you bless us with your spirit.

yes, outside writing being close with the earth...helps.

BTW, do you know how many people say I am crazy cause I have this whole theory that Pac is in Cuba with Assata. I was SOOO excited to see that you said it too. Great minds.