Wednesday, May 10, 2006

girl talk -- so so a work in progress. but whatever

because i woke up this morning
sun shrouding behind clouds
daunting me a whim of remorse
its my fault
i hold baggage like women hold dead fetuses
praying over the lifeless limbs as if this would bring them back
instead it is you
allowing me to cradle each mistake brow heavy woman
you remind me of my mother
minus the crack pipe addiction and swollen eyes
shutting me out because my love was just a little too tough
for texture sake
say it aint so
why women love like the demon possessed us as we lunge forward everything high school took away
we dont love ourselves enough and wonder why he cant love us like the movies
but pretty woman is still a film about a trick buying a whore's love for a week
still, id trade it in for these secrets
these voices
these shadows that haunt me like wolverine scraping my abdomen
who made the rules
scribbled the position of my heart on a napkin and tossed it softball fast pitch
vocal training was never about finding your voice
and if my rambling randomness frightens you
youre lucky
it means there is a shred of sanity still clinging to the creaks of your bones
cartilage deflecting fear of the unknown
i dont want to know anymore
want to find the space that allows bliss to become home
with flowers on mantles, i think daises would be perfect
and warm baths with candles to protect my angels
steam heaven, id laugh
lather myself a new woman
name her me
cherish all that i hold
and be
happy with


poeticjourney said...

I'm here.
When you need.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

thank u chica...

Shelle said...

'want to find that place that allows bliss to come home...and warm baths to protect my angels...lather myself a new woman, name her me, cherish all that i hold, and be happy with that'
beautiful mo, and thanks i needed these words today.

CousinSarah said...

Mo-I have recently started something, a piece swirling about how we confine ourselves in our own efforts to define ourselves by love-lack of, desire for, obligation to-I dunno. Feelin like "Bag Lady" droppin some old shit off ya know. This peice spoke to that for me....sorry about the slam. But as 13 would say, you still coooool as a fan.