Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Write from Wrong Workshop w/Mahogany L. Browne

June 29, 2009
Urban Spirit Coffee Shop (Loft)
893 E Long St, Columbus, OH 43203

Writing and editing the page.
Poetry techniques and performance
tips for the slam saavy.

for more information:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Newness

The newest lady edition, Ms. Tracy Soren... As well as the newest lady edition of my family:


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

next step

there are so many pots on the stove. summer is near and my daughter is
preparing for summer in california. and i'm preparing a team for NPS in
Florida and i'm finishing up the overview for a new project. the collabo
is a bit insane -- i never saw it coming.

i'm also really excited about being able to bring my grandmother's legacy
to the forefront. penmanship books is awarding three young women with a published
book with all the fat lovely trimmings. i am happy to be able to do this. its
been a long road coming, but i'm here. i feel like ms celie on most days. like
the world is calling me and all my efforts ugly.

but then i remember i am breathing. i am alive. i am writing. even if all i do is write for myself - i am writing. and that in itself is beautiful. bitten tongue was picked up for the Underground Zero Theatre Festival @ PS122 in NYC (produced by TerraNova Collective) for the several dates in July and I bought my tix to Paris... but not before i visit SF for the poetry production culminating the ASA Conference. see. beautiful.