Saturday, September 30, 2006

new shapings

i dont know...

alot of stuff. not so much time. im spending saturday in the house willingly.
time to make sense - thats how the end of the month comes together. so happy project runway is having a marathon. i get to catch up!


Thursday, September 28, 2006

all things british

i am here. in manchester, england. the trip was a brief one, and i just left the beautiful flat they set me up in to wait at the coach station so i could finally check email. over one hundred and something of those suckas! damn

i havent been on myspace in days, yes. i am having an allergic reaction! so what?

and i miss home. i think i will try to bake a cake for the upcoming birthdays. the baby and his are days apart. they are so much alike, its freaky. but i would never say a word :)

writing is slow. so slow that i forgot i was still a writer. so i guess the performance for speakeasy/cw was much needed. something nathan p said when i took over hosting was "stay in touch with the performer in you" and when you are hosting - it's hard to think about what poem to do, because you are worried of everyone else'se time limits 'n tings...

so it was good. to be an artist again. must remember to get that equilibriam thing back on track. performer, writer, host, owner, mother. too much on most days. but damn, the journey feels good so far.

and i was commissioned to write some love poems for an anthology here. that's exciting! and i mean hey -- i know about love, don't i?

and it gets my juices flowing. really it does. so now i want to figure out some topics to keep those juices motivated. any ideas?

brit n route to bklyn

Saturday, September 23, 2006

a conversation after 14 years

i wanted this to be a poem. but it isn't

my mother's voice cracked between phone lines
i am crying inside
baby girl missing maternal hands
but she will not know this so soon

we make pleasantries
converse on weather
the levees break
and new orleans is my home today

she is clean
sobered by history and finally
i cry
say i am sorry for never opening back up

i'm sorry
for turning away

i'm sorry for blocking you out
she stops me

understands the reason behind my shell
hard after years of second-hand addiction
breath still black from smoke
or death
or both

she knows
has found god
and he has
has found us again
she smiles

as her voice crackles
phone line static connection
lending california and new york residents
one last try
for redemption

Friday, September 22, 2006


finally got the website issues under handles, meetings - both promising - completed. and then i wake up to take amari to school and that incredibly loud ticking coming out of my car - has grown into a molestation of passerbyers ears. i cant even turn up my radio loud enough - it sneaks thru the space by the pedals! so i finally drop amari off, trying not to make her look too bad with the hooptie noise following her thru the cafeteria and make my way to the repair shop by my crib.

long story short: the motor is broke and he wants $1300 bucks...


oprah would not have to deal with this shyt

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

read it!


it is amazing. on some beautifully ugly Sapphire's PUSH type is...

i have a mural viewing tonite before the NUYO... i am working on
something incredible.

you will know sooner than you think

tip of the day: keep the vultures out ya yard, right t?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

schedule of events


1 year Anniversary
sATURDAY, oCT 21ST, 2006
217 east 42nd Street (btwn 2nd & 3rd Aves)


Taylor Mali
Jared Paul &

musical act: Brent Shuttleworth

hosted by: MoBrowne
music by: Droopist DaRiddlah'

Free food, lots of drinks and music and love!

ughhh come out already :)

Monday, September 18, 2006


really is the best policy.
and even the most honorable of us
get caught up.

here's to a life check

Friday, September 15, 2006

busy busy busy

yesterday was so good n bad all at once.
i miss him
this world take over thing takes alot of energy

and for this reason, i've only found time to eat
once a day
im sure this isnt good - but hey, i need to lose
the weight anyway.

my prayers are with B-Fran and family, for the loss
of TWEETY: the best brisket cooking Texan with a
music collection out of this world and a penchant
for track races... he was supreme being.

ive been wanting to write a lot lately. but never have
the time - and when i have the time, i don't have the
energy or creative spark to do so anymore.

i will say this. life excites me. which means i am alive

i am alive. which means i am capable of loving and being loved

i am loved. which is the greatest feat of all. because the
world take over isnt worth it, if you are alone.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

wednesday's beauty

worked my ass off today, and i havent even made it to the nuyo to host this evening's slam

i am running around - but i am so happy. i think i did something really brilliant, we will see how it pans out Oct 1st...

thank you for sticking with me. i will write something witty tomorrow. it is my day off. and i look forward to watching akeelah the bee and eating popcorn with amari.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

engine check

i am blessed





but blessed

i will always remember:

though i have not forgiven you - i wish you all the best.
i can succeed. it is within my reach. i believe in me.
if i could fall into your arms everyday, i would.
there are not enough days to keep you small enough for me to hold closer than my own breath.
i feel bad for vivica fox (though she is dancing the hell outta this fox trot!). she went from movie screens to lifetime tv to reality tv. but then hey - as long as she got rid of FIDDY she aint that bad, after all.
i like you listening. and i love when you think im not listening. im sorry if you think i'm an ass. i love you.
i love me.

tune up complete


things come in big doses sometimes
and then
you find yourself happily exhausted
watching doctor phil
and wondering what's the next step

Monday, September 11, 2006

moment of silence

9/11 to the day. to the hour.

rest in peace

Sunday, September 10, 2006

happiness eclipsed

there was a brief moment there
i almost allowed my shine to be stolen
placed in his pocket like a business
card/and after i remembered how much was
accomplished in life in breathing in space
i smiled it off/which was hard for me cause
im all about telling you how it is. but
these days: im an adult. a grown woman.
and i don't have time to make you see what
i see -- even if it's correct. we all make
our own choices. and if your choice is to
become asshole - i welcome you to be the best
asshole you can be :)

seriously, i am happy. no one can steal my
shadow and sunshine. im uninterested in most
things. if its not about progress -- good luck
but i dont want whatcha selling! to date: i am
very proud of my friends. they have allowed me
growth and silence and spurts and throat tickling
laughter. they are beautiful. so here is a homage
of them. dasha you are brilliant, tee you areon the
cusp of something beautiful - i know you can feel
it, kim find more moments for seeing the golden, i
promise you - you are worth it, erika - my sis, your
happiness is all that matters. congrats on the


Friday, September 08, 2006


talked to a friend today. she made me feel happy for making her happy without trying. does that make me vain? worked non-stop for 3 hours. booked shows til march, recorded isbn numbers and bar codes. how much should my new book sale for? was that a run on sentence? im always thinking like this. he is great. he held my pants so tight i thought the wedgie would split me in half. atleast i knew i wouldnt fall while rolling on 8's. i just found out about his passing. all our love is in texas. im happy. no, really happy. im happy about life. and what's next to come. soul salsa revisted. must make sure reggie is cool with that. taalam's album came out. im on it. so excited to hear what it sounds like. me and tech should get together soon. another track to record while i write up a masterpiece for him. that might be considered too much, but i think i like that more than not. amari is in the greatest class ever! i love life. i love you back. are you ok with that?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

wait a minute

i went to a rollerskating party last nite.

imma let u marinate on that one for a minute!

broke ankle brooklynite

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


i like when people spell my name right.

mahogany l. browne

yes you can call me mo, but that doesn't mean
you spell mohagany... (as seen courtesy of my web person)
with the e at the end of browne
don't forget my middle initial - the biters are scary!

and i take pride in spelling.

so when you put me on your show, your website or your
tattoo -- do it right.

correct spelling is sexy.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i wanna

write to you... and you...
but i have so much going on
that all i can muster up
is the energy to sleep

working on so many projects
can be advantageous but also
very, very, hard.

i took a london gig -- for a friend.

amari's first day of school started out
hectic and ended very nicely...

i ran errands with a broken tail light
praying i didnt get, yet another tix.
the traffic gods were in my favor.

and i have worked with my partner
for our next 6 month stint of JAM
and am quite impressed with our
business saavy. we will be celebrating
our 1 year anniversary.

alot of planning awaits me - and poetcd is
becoming even more of my life... in a good way.
had brunch with friends on sunday and drove home
in the rain with the family.

still taking meds for the bite and not
loving a second of it...

i have to pee

Monday, September 04, 2006

labor day

sleeping in
watching tv
eating cereal

amari starts school tomorrow
and i have to be a grown up

Sunday, September 03, 2006

books for grabs!

if you want any of these books, send $2 via to and i will ship it immediately!

help me clean my bookcase!

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