Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i wanna

write to you... and you...
but i have so much going on
that all i can muster up
is the energy to sleep

working on so many projects
can be advantageous but also
very, very, hard.

i took a london gig -- for a friend.

amari's first day of school started out
hectic and ended very nicely...

i ran errands with a broken tail light
praying i didnt get, yet another tix.
the traffic gods were in my favor.

and i have worked with my partner
for our next 6 month stint of JAM
and am quite impressed with our
business saavy. we will be celebrating
our 1 year anniversary.

alot of planning awaits me - and poetcd is
becoming even more of my life... in a good way.
had brunch with friends on sunday and drove home
in the rain with the family.

still taking meds for the bite and not
loving a second of it...

i have to pee

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