Sunday, September 10, 2006

happiness eclipsed

there was a brief moment there
i almost allowed my shine to be stolen
placed in his pocket like a business
card/and after i remembered how much was
accomplished in life in breathing in space
i smiled it off/which was hard for me cause
im all about telling you how it is. but
these days: im an adult. a grown woman.
and i don't have time to make you see what
i see -- even if it's correct. we all make
our own choices. and if your choice is to
become asshole - i welcome you to be the best
asshole you can be :)

seriously, i am happy. no one can steal my
shadow and sunshine. im uninterested in most
things. if its not about progress -- good luck
but i dont want whatcha selling! to date: i am
very proud of my friends. they have allowed me
growth and silence and spurts and throat tickling
laughter. they are beautiful. so here is a homage
of them. dasha you are brilliant, tee you areon the
cusp of something beautiful - i know you can feel
it, kim find more moments for seeing the golden, i
promise you - you are worth it, erika - my sis, your
happiness is all that matters. congrats on the


1 comment:

Unknown said...

i'm proud of you too beautiful....and you're right i can feel it. : )