Thursday, June 21, 2007

because the beauy is in the booty

my ass is flattening as we speak.

this is the life of a writer. you work to sit more and produce more. which flattens your buttocks if you aren't careful.

recently, i released a women's anthology. it was so beautiful to look at. until i saw the typos. which made it an instant classic & advance reading copy! wait until i become the Alice Walker of this ish... it will be worth millions. lol

but life is like that. with my summer in full bloom, i have so much writing to look forward to. forward - i think i might hate that word now (inside joke). writing and the production of some beautiful things. our off broadway show comes back from hiatus with a big bang, the men's anthology BARBERSHOP CHRONICLES is in the works and HIS RIB Book tour ( is coming together quite nicely. the Nuyo team is preparing for NPS 2007 and we had our first road trip. it reminded me of the pretty things in high school. the spirit rally, skipping lunch and afterschool gatherings at the local fast food joint. they are such a blessing to such a cursed competitive sport.

tonite i will host POETCD.COM's first Artist Showcase. I look to making this a bi-monthly event held in different parts of the country to service our incredible roster of artists, but hey - who knows... one can only hope. this evenings event will feature Taalam, Lemon & Jaha... whose fukn with that? exactly no one!

come thru if you can, if not send your prayers. always in need of them thangs. back to mailing out the HIS RIB copies. we officially sold out of the first run! and we'll have the ill booth with beautiful women, words and books @ the Harlem Book Fair on July 21st! wine and cheese following on July 22nd in Brooklyn. you betta ask somebody.

love like ya mama.



Saturday, June 09, 2007


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A collection of poems, stories and essays about the fallible woman, the sensitive girl-child and the fearless warrior, His Rib, offers an inside look at her story. The written works featured in this project includes women from both the literary field and the performance poetry circuit, creating a symbiotic kinship between the two art forms. After combing several continents, the women within these pages were found scribing folk tales in California, sonnets in New York, producing prose in London and breaking stereotypes with each stanza in Colorado, Texas and Canada. The result, a quilt weaved perfectly of compassion, self-respect, discipline, lust and hunger. Enjoy the crack and thunder of His Rib.

Ebele Ajogbe
E. Amato
Cristin Okeefe Aptowicz
Radhiyah Ayobami
Courtenay Aja Barton
Felice Belle
Tara Betts
Tamara Blue
Crystal Senter Brown
Mahogany L. Browne
Akua Doku
Jessica Elizabeth
Andrea Gibson
Nicole Homer
Bassey Ikpi
Crystal Irby
April Jones
Amanda Johnston
Erica Kamara
Rachel Kann
Abena Koomson
Marie Elizabeth Mali
Marty Mcconnell
Derrica Mccullers
Gabriela Garcia Medina
Caitlin Meissner
Thea Monyee
Lilian Oben
Lynne Procope
Nicole Sealey
Queen Sheba
Nikki Skies
Suzi Q. Smith
Sydnee Stewart
Heather Taylor
Kimberly Taylor
Imani Tolliver
Kim Trusty
Genevieve Van Cleve
Jeanann Verlee
Megan A. Volpert
Jaha Zainabu
Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

About Dating Yourself

My friend Tamara posted a statement about this. And i answered:

Id like to think i could...

seriously. I am fly as I wanna be on a Tuesday during a Thunderstorm. But I also know, that can't always be good on the other side. I try my damndest to be supportive and independent - but not too enabling and an island. the balance, i believe - is where the men are separated from the ahem, boys.

and my jealousy - well. that's just it. i got it. and a lot of it. insecure, maybe on a day or two. but i dont believe that's the black and white of things. it takes more, for me to react in a jealous manner. or maybe that's me justifying a bad habit. whatever.

i think, with all my bads, there is a plethora of goods that i can't even name at this point. because check it, im watching the secret and it says dont do that! so yes. i could date myself. even on those days where i just want to be told im pretty for no reason... or when i want to wake up looking in my eyes, for no other reason than i wondered what i was dreaming. i want to dress nicely for myself and compliment myself at the same time... i want to hold my own hand in public and nod with pleasure when people look at me, and wonder "wow - how'd you get her?"

Saturday, June 02, 2007


with summer in my rearview, catching up with me quicker than i expected - i suspect, these are the reasons why i can't catch my breath.

took on a couple of more assignments just to assure my summer with nothing

but slam team and 4 hour writing sessions (that's right, i said it 4 consecutive hours), i would like to have an egg stashed for cute shoes, coffee and matinee movie tickets. i wanted to do something nice for the 4th of july, but if all goes well - i will be busy. so i pray that i'll be busy.

i am still working on me, however. miss that i can't answer my myspace or blogspot, hell, i barely answer my email these days. but i feel good. i feel like i can fix the world and all my beautiful friends in it.

but i know that is merely a dream. however, that book: HIS RIB, is not a dream. it'll be out with all my favorite women writers (and some new ones) gracing the pages. and it is not a dream to present a show with some of my favorite performance artists (LEMON. TAALAM. JAHA -- WHAT?!) and it is not a dream that my daughter will leave for her trip to Cali and my cats, newly spayed, will stop trying to mark the entire house of their territory, and my neighbors will stop asking me for 50 cents, 2 dollars or a ride to the far corner of bushwick. well, that last part was a hardcore hail mary, but whatever.

i havent written much, as i can't breath. but i reckon these keys will sing to me again. i can smell the days. June 15th. yea. last day of school. birth of a new book (his rib is out June 8th, but i'll leave it to after our slam field trip to push the hell outta it.)... its on and popping. can you smell it? or is that bbq.