Thursday, June 21, 2007

because the beauy is in the booty

my ass is flattening as we speak.

this is the life of a writer. you work to sit more and produce more. which flattens your buttocks if you aren't careful.

recently, i released a women's anthology. it was so beautiful to look at. until i saw the typos. which made it an instant classic & advance reading copy! wait until i become the Alice Walker of this ish... it will be worth millions. lol

but life is like that. with my summer in full bloom, i have so much writing to look forward to. forward - i think i might hate that word now (inside joke). writing and the production of some beautiful things. our off broadway show comes back from hiatus with a big bang, the men's anthology BARBERSHOP CHRONICLES is in the works and HIS RIB Book tour ( is coming together quite nicely. the Nuyo team is preparing for NPS 2007 and we had our first road trip. it reminded me of the pretty things in high school. the spirit rally, skipping lunch and afterschool gatherings at the local fast food joint. they are such a blessing to such a cursed competitive sport.

tonite i will host POETCD.COM's first Artist Showcase. I look to making this a bi-monthly event held in different parts of the country to service our incredible roster of artists, but hey - who knows... one can only hope. this evenings event will feature Taalam, Lemon & Jaha... whose fukn with that? exactly no one!

come thru if you can, if not send your prayers. always in need of them thangs. back to mailing out the HIS RIB copies. we officially sold out of the first run! and we'll have the ill booth with beautiful women, words and books @ the Harlem Book Fair on July 21st! wine and cheese following on July 22nd in Brooklyn. you betta ask somebody.

love like ya mama.




theoriginalblowersdaugtr said...

wow, sold out already?!?! well, I guess that would explain the delay in 'the free author copy' then! : )

hope to catch ya at the nuyorican cafe tomorrow nite!

gbreez said...

congrads on the sell-out of His Rib. guess I'll have to wait to get a copy.