Tuesday, June 05, 2007

About Dating Yourself

My friend Tamara posted a statement about this. And i answered:

Id like to think i could...

seriously. I am fly as I wanna be on a Tuesday during a Thunderstorm. But I also know, that can't always be good on the other side. I try my damndest to be supportive and independent - but not too enabling and an island. the balance, i believe - is where the men are separated from the ahem, boys.

and my jealousy - well. that's just it. i got it. and a lot of it. insecure, maybe on a day or two. but i dont believe that's the black and white of things. it takes more, for me to react in a jealous manner. or maybe that's me justifying a bad habit. whatever.

i think, with all my bads, there is a plethora of goods that i can't even name at this point. because check it, im watching the secret and it says dont do that! so yes. i could date myself. even on those days where i just want to be told im pretty for no reason... or when i want to wake up looking in my eyes, for no other reason than i wondered what i was dreaming. i want to dress nicely for myself and compliment myself at the same time... i want to hold my own hand in public and nod with pleasure when people look at me, and wonder "wow - how'd you get her?"


Anonymous said...


Fire in a tropical desert.

The smoke plumes for 500 miles.

Morning like a raw throat over a clear still lake.

Captured in the blinking eye of an escaping lizard.

squatting beside a riot.

Dateless and flailing in the breeze.

Edging closer to a hurricane and shouting at the eye.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written...makes me want to say I could date myself too. :)