Monday, January 23, 2006



ha. don't ask me. i am still getting ova my own SHYT! lol -- no really, this brother that i haven't seen in almost 2 years, catches me typing away in the coffeeshop and he sits down for a breather. he asks me some question that is still close to my heart: emotional cheating. i'm like -- whoa. you don't wanna ask me that homeboy. Cause my answer ain't sweet...

but we spoke briefly - he poured out his heart. and afterwards, i felt the exact same way i did before the conversation took place. except - not as angry. more sad.

some of my poet friends advocate "polyamory" but i dont think im built for that - though after watching several montell episodes where there aren't fights over MY MAN but discussions about why its easy for them to love 2 and 3 persons at once - i am more openminded to the possibility of someone falling in between the cracks of a relationship and opening themselves to outside affection. even simple intimate conversations (i.e., emotional cheating) - have more of a human face, rather than selfish fangs.

but don't get it twisted - i ain't goin' for dat shyt. all im saying is, "ahhh. i get it. good for you! " and "good luck with that!" cause one thing i know about sharing, someone always wants it back to enjoy all by themselves...

bklyn brew'n

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