Sunday, January 22, 2006



i sux on every level. missed the film forum opening of melvin van peebles How to Eat Watermelon in front of White People (and like it). remember i had the luxury of interviweing mr. van peebles before christmas break -- and if he ain't flyy I aint black.
instead of walking around and elbowing fellow journalists and upscale celebs - i went to see christa perform at the nuyo... which i hadnt had a chance to do since she took over NYC.

i guess that's a good enough reason. especially since i have never EVER witnessed a poet perform the idea of a poem - rather than the actual poem. she's hilarious. and had the audience eating out the palm of her hands! anyway. i guess it looks like i will be going to see that on tuesday, asmy poetry class is postponed while the kids take regents (state) testing... much needed rest. fa real. i've been workshopping my ass to death! but bills are a calling - and mama needs a new pair of shoes (red pumps, preferably!) and then i have passes to see the new sanaa lathan flick where she falls in love with a white man and leaves a fine black man (blair underwood) behind. needless to say, i went to school in sacramento california - just an hour away from the home of the black panther party. and yes - it happens to us (black women) all the time. so i wonder what black men will say when they see the beautiful sanaa lathan (acting, nonetheless) loving a white man? how will they feel?

i read about a report of black women and asian men having the highest percentage of staying single. somehow, these two groups have a hard time marrying outside of their race. which makes a lot of sense. i know a lot of women that refuse (hell, i was there) to date anything but black men. some say its just attraction - i mean, i have a thing for marky mark (see thin skin for my essay forbidden fruit: craving for mark wahlberg) but actually being with someone of a different race, just never happened. but when i speak with black men -- they is no holds barred on the loving. i've heard everything from I WILL DATE ANYBODY to I DATE EVERY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW. and i think that is comindable. im all about freelove. genderless, colorless - love. but i have also witnessed "im getting me a white man cause i want my kids to have good hair" to "i only date lightskinned girls"...

ok. wait. i swear, i didn't get on here to type out a rant... and i'm so sure we had this discussion before, so with that said. i will leave this topic open to you -- i have to look in the archives for the initial conversation.

i have to prepare for my feature tomorrow @ BAR 13 (university and 13th street, NYC). come see me if you got time. 7pm

bklyn out

boondocks report: KIM i watched it again. and i understand what they are trying to say -- but what happens when someone actually repeats "i dont' mean N*** in a bad way" and they aren't black?

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thir13teenandtheysayitain'tlucky said...

Feel you. Austin is not particulairly "URBAN", but because it is a "college" town it has it's share of wi%%as.. and they use the word a lot in conversation with one another. Also having attended a private catholic university and private school on and off thru out high school, I have been told, "well you're not really black, well, you know you don't sound or act black" by well meaning others... I think I have become somewhat numb. As I can't expect another group of people not to stop using it, when in fact, we (as a culture) embrace it and use it at times, oddly enough endearing.. and have the audacity to become enraged when used by another.. I liken it to if I consistently called myself a bitch where others could hear, they hear other people calling me bitch and I seemingly accept it, and at times welcome it.. can I really be angry if someone walks up and calls me bitch? I use the word ni%%a infrequently, and am working on eliminating it from my vocabulary. I have to get back with you on this one... but if I had to answer today, if someone, anyone called me ni%%a and I don't refer to myself as such, I would be enraged, even if they didn't mean it in a bad way.