Tuesday, January 03, 2006

resolutions 2006 cause amanda said so...

ok. this will only hurt a little:

practice tact (ex: brutal honesty doesn't have to be SO brutal)

sleep less

produce more books

more scheduled writing time

less internet surfing - ok - less blog reading (that one hurt)
less myspace surfing... seriously.
less livejournal surfing...no, seriously.

ignore the haters. don't give them a leg to stand on, dammit!

be less sensitive

more understanding

bear no crosses

hold no grudges

don't re-read ugly emails
don't get mad - get a lawyer
dont act in haste

find patience

save money. no pity shoe shopping ANYMORE!

decorate the house - find my feng shui

meditate more regurarly

eat better

write more letters - it's a lost art, i swear.

vacation more - weekend getaways included

walk in heels again. red ones. ha!

tell amari the truth

kiss her more than twice a day

have more dates...with him

find a house

get a dog -- a staffie, a pit or a bulldog

find happiness daily

don't act in haste - no really. stop that shyt!

fix my frown -- even when i really wanna frown

less judgement. more observation (smile christa)

stay optimistic

dance again, without wincing

fall in love with myself again

let him love me completely


Iyeoka said...

I wish you tons and tons of luck on that Less internet surfing thing. Think of it...
We're writers. My space and shit like it is one of the best addictions set up for us since canibus.

Danyel said...

dang! now that's a list.

good luck with all of it.