Wednesday, January 25, 2006

unfinished series

the unfinished

ok. this is the unfinished series. if you write like me -- you probably got a gang of these things lying around - eh? so give me a lil something... you can choose to share a stanza or the premise or the whole damn LOT!

this one is : not so strange

and i had no idea where it was going and if it was taking me or not. dont even know how i felt about it after it sat there. looking back at me. anyway, let's build my friends. this is also a friends only post - cause i want you as comfortable to share as possible... i mean, once our words hit the air - we are all very naked.

flowers wilting
bitten hands grasping vinegar and rays of sound
the moment we've prepared for
clasped lips and slow breaths
you remind me of tomorrow
dew morning wet lipstick
shimmer glitter sighs
we can't break this any smaller
pieces of infinite measures
where is your heart lover
have you rested it between
wind currents
or am I forgetting my place?

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