Thursday, January 05, 2006

brokeback mountain

now i really want to see this.

and not just because its the first gay cowboy movie. but because it is a gay cowboy movie. is that odd? i dunno

anyway. i have a class in the bronx this morning and i'm not very excited about that. cause im really tired. but the class is really dope. i'm helping a special ed high school put together an arts journal. so i got to bring my magazine experience rather than just my poetry background. very nice

nothing really intense to talk about today. i mean. isn't that what happens when you are happy? all th insight falls thru the cracks. and you find yourself rubbing his back. playing with his hair and whispering nasty lil' things.

resolutions update:
eat better: no carb diet - seems to be ok now. not as angry as i was the day before.
internet: still addicted to myspace.
grudges: none to date
dancing: did it on new years eve into the morning -- hey. i start early
ugly emails: erased. no going back on that one

now. i need to jump on the writing letters and writing reguraly. if i know you by name. email me your mailing address. help a sista with her resolutions dammit. :)

productivity is sexy

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