Thursday, August 24, 2006

back to bklyn

it took 4 days of family

i performed at soul cypher, which was dope considering NER city and Scorpio produce the show. and they brought something beautiful back to Oakland which makes me happy to come home for more than peach cobbler!

my grandmother's birthday dinner was beautiful. we went to scoma's which is a big time seafood restuarant on the bay of san francisco's waters. the food was massive and gorgeous and expensive. that's all im saying.

amari is so tall. i almost fell over when she ran for me and jumped in my arms. she's a trip. but now, we have to ween some of that oakland slang outta her. and the eye rolling - gotsta go!

now im in san diego, my flight leaves in 4 hours and im going back to the mall. i have to cop these sneakers and work off the payment - cause i was supposed to be working for rent and car tow money - not shoe money. but if you know me, you know i cant pass up a fly pair of nikes, adidas or pumas. so - whatever.

oh yea, my sis got engaged. im happy for her. beyond all the personal information that i wont share here - as long as he makes her happy, he can live. that said - imma be a bridesmaid. yea. can you say diet? again! anyway. im going back to watch project runway. i have so much to tell you - but this isnt the right time.

trust that i will as soon as it is all clear. just know this, i've decided - i'm going to be the Oprah of this poetry shyt...


joey said...

love you ma, glad you're back! we gotta work a cali trip sometime nextyear.
whadaya know about the fly poet showcase?

Unknown said...

yeah, you pretty much got the Oprah thing on lock. : ) i know your glad to have your baby back with her grown self!! give her kisses and hugs for me. miss you much!

Copasetic Soul said...

yo, we gotta get you together with this shoe thing! so if you can stop buying shoes, I will stop buying cds!

glad you had a good trip....who a brother gotto know to get a NuYo shirt?

Shelle said...

lol, yeah i can see you Oprah!! lol

my coffee is always said...

Ugh Copa, if I can't have one, I know you can't have one.. hahahahaha..
Mo, you know I'm bad with the mail... You'll get it by mid-week..
line miK

Anonymous said...

I really love your mom moments, cause you are the best. I get back at some point tomorrow (was 'sposed to be back tonight but decided I needed another day away!) and I can't wait to git me some Amari back up in my life!!

I miss you too, Mamma.

<3 Caitlin