Monday, March 05, 2007

dry snitching

standing inside starbucks

bklyn, atlantic center

ground floor

and a man walks in talking gibberish

and carrying a big blue plastic bag

he throws the bag down in front of the sandwhich display

and begins throwing in boxes of pre-made digs

i pull amari closer to me - sure he wont be stealing a 9 year old

but she's a snitch...

my beautiful 9 year old with a penchant for singing musical tunes

does not like people doing illegal activities...

and i try to preserve that part of her. that good, still can tell if she's lying

deer in the headlight look. she is my maniac

and i know a day will come when she will learn to lie to me

with eyes dry and unblinking

with the swerve of her neck - inviting my hands to choke them with each swivel

i want to preserve the innocence that walks hand in hand with telling it

just like it is

besides, she's got the rest of her adult life to learn how to lie and not

care of the cracks she stepped on, attempting to break her mama's


1 comment:

Shelle said...

Mo, she is just gorgeous in alll her innocence.
we try hard to keep that way don't we? warrior mothers!