Sunday, January 18, 2009


We are pleased to announce that the Winter issue of Up the Staircase is now officially live!
We hope that everyone enjoys the new issue along with a few changes that we have made. This issue contains a note from the editors, as well as a special feature from co-editor Stephanie Anderson called "On Winter." Our "Up the Staircase In..." article features the southern town of Clarksville, TN this quarter. We hope everyone stops by Carolyn Ferrell's section to hear about her novel on Clarksville.
Our Literary Reviews page and our Back Issues page have been changed to include all past contributors! We hope you check out these rejuvenated sections.
As usual we have some seriously high quality writing in our poetry and fiction sections:
FEATURED WRITER: Nanette Rayman Rivera

Poetry by:

Mahogany L. Browne
Jane Crown
Amy L. George
Mary Johnston
Jennifer LeBlanc
Sandee Lyles
Corey Mesler
Renata McCormish
Benjamin Stainton Shawn
Nacona Stroud
S. Thomas Summers

Fiction by:
Grace Andreacchi
Kori E. Frazier
Dennis Hiatt
Miriam Matzeder
Michelle Reale
Elaine Rosenberg
MillerMeg Pokrass
Paula Ray

We are also featuring a book review of Rowena Cherry's "Knight's Fork",
Anthony Pritchard's book of poems "Mirror Realms", and Oneal Walters' "The Age Begins."

Also, check out our new contest winner!
Thank you to everyone, we hope you enjoy!
your editors,
April Michelle Bratten
and Stephanie Anderson.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I am thrilled that you are featuring a very generous review of Knight's Fork.

This has been a superb month. Apart from your review, Knight's Fork won the December award for "Authors' Choice."

Best wishes and thanks for your support,

Rowena Cherry