Tuesday, March 10, 2009

tragic wonders

sometimes life happens around you
and all you want to do is crawl up and

i've been running around like there is nothing
bothering me, like life is good, like my heart
isn't shaking into pieces every moment that i breathe.

i don't know how long this will work. atleast that is
what i think. until i see something like this. and
i think -- its bigger than me and my broken parts.
our world is broken. and we're just running around
with loose pieces...

the chris brown and rihanna situation was sad to
see. even sadder that i've seen it before. so when
she went back to him - i wasn't necessarily surprised.
more saddened than anything. but nothing compares
to the sadness of a silent and cold community.

check the video below to see how funny it is for a
woman to sustain injuries from her lover. how big
of a joke it is to be labeled the new ike and tina.
we've evolved into something so tragic...i wonder
what god thinks about us.


Shelle said...

like wow...just muthafrigging wow

Marshall Jones said...

Well....this gives Usher an ego boost for his career..Since Chris was his undisputed usurper his current situation is clearly advantageous...
But WOW!