Wednesday, August 30, 2006

the take ova

working on several projects at once is serious business.

i find myself structuring my day in shifts:

first hour: poetcd, get amari dressed

second hour: penmanship books, booking for Jam

third hour: editing album, lesson plan

fourth hour: myspace, cereal break

this shyt is hard. makes me feel like an adult. i mean excluding the cereal break. cause you know a sista needs dat damn cap 'n crunch...

but this is what they say the hustle is about. so i don't worry about going to the cafe in the rain. i try to focus on the book case overflowing. know that my next book will be alongside them in barnes n noble. borders. tower. all dat!

but then i snap out of it. i gotta go back to work.

fifth hour: special events programming

sixth hour: school shopping for the kid, more myspace and a siesta

and once i wake. back to the grindstone of converting PDF for printers, editing poems, and trying to breath thru the process.

i am venting. but this is the good kind. the kind that pushes you forward. outlines your breath and reminds you of the folks that try to hinder that growth. that light that shines when you really about gettin' shyt done.

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Shelle said... the damn YOUR thang...much respect