Thursday, October 26, 2006

Do You

the trollup (is that how you spell it) is checkin' for your date, your significant other, ya know -- that ONE. they sidle up in front of you, ignore you, smile brightly into the eyes of your lover and push past you to hug tightly the frame that makes you shake, willingly.

do you:

a) wait for them to peel their bodies apart before your loved one, introduces you.

b) grab said desperate one by the hair, extremity, throat and toss them to the furthest corner.

c) look amused. wait for loved one to introduce. when it doesn't come. walk away steaming. they wont be getting any of that wonderful tongue tonite.

d) introduce yourself and grab your loved ones titty or groin and let the pissed territory ritual speak for itself

curiously bored,



Anonymous said...

trolloups get a bad rap.

men so lead them on telling them they're not in a 'serious' relationship blah blah.

can't we all just get along????

Raquita said...

you - do a hybrid of all three - depending on the trollup- you wait from tehm to peel them selves off, give lover the chance to introduce then if he misses you introducs for him, you look amused and make small talk with trollup and make your point subtully and walk away with lover voice your annoyance then screw his brains out to proove why you are the lover and not the trollup.

The End

joey said...

you forgot
e) wait silently, don't get introduced, asked who the trollup was when you get home and get accused of being insecure