Wednesday, October 25, 2006


one has to breath in their opportunities
i say

today was interesting
started off ok - then shaky
then ok again - then shaky
stay shaky - then real cool
to mellow - to coffee induced, shake

but never bad. or even close to it
just a lil' awkward

always uncomfortable.

i like what has happened for us lately

the way one rolls over and finds a lovers arm, nooked and ready for resting, or dreams. i like the ease of a lover's want. unlike the eyes that wander. signaling more want and desire to regions unknown to self. but then there are those moments.

where you laugh with friends over spanish food. where you ride the train talking loudly and laughing louder. where you sing in the car of each other's praises - and still i think of him. though i love these moments. and treasure them dearly. i relish in the nook of my lover's embrace,

and see smiles in his shadows wake.


Anonymous said...

stop it. you're killing me.

you so sappy :-)

my coffee is always said...

most times, i know it's not because we're friends that i admire your words and your work so much.. i k now it's because you are on hell of a writer.. but then to kind of know some things about you and read these words makes them ever more so beautiful... still trying to be a pebble to your rock..