Monday, November 13, 2006

final days of redeeming sentiments

i was out of it. so much so - i didnt care much of poetry
or the poets that call themselves rockstars, for that matter

i was so unimpressed for the simple fact that people that don't
get their way - can be complete idiots

and i thought i learned to stop looking into the sunlight for
stars - cause it aint coming!

but now
after the babyshower for bassey is complete
and she was surprised i'll tell you! looking as
beautiful as ever...

and after realizing that my fight will sometimes
lead me on a war path for an army with a hidden

and after taking in the satisfaction one feels for
completing something they set out to do...

i know. this has only begun.
this life.
my journey
my experiences are vast
but there is so much more to come
and i have awhile to fall and stumble
and pant and pray before we're done here...

check out the new addition:

you can buy new shyt by: taalam acey, roger bonar-agard, buddy wakefield, marc marcel, ner city, andrea gibson, khalil almustafa, ca!tlin meissner, mahogany l. browne & so much more. we got books from lemon & cd's by jive poetic.

this is the christmas shopper's dream (for the poetically inclined)

see you soon

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