Sunday, November 05, 2006

sometimes bklyn is too small

running into someone you once dated can be awkward. or kismet. or both.

watching sex in the city and talking to love of my life, i realized, we only had one of those instances.

he swears i planned it. but i didn't. really. and the fact that the man i once dated -- he being one that i actually considered settling down with once happening upon this evil city against the monogomous -- happened to be at a spot which served as our first tri-mester of dates, didn't make it easy.

so i acted like i didn't see the ex. laid my attention into my current beau, and waited for his gnat-like buzzin' to leave me be. it didn't. he sized HIM up. stood next to HIM. grabbed my hand in hello that lasted longer than any normal handshake and made it quite awkward. i didn't let it bother me. and don't remember much of our conversation about it afterwards. besides the "that was your ex or something", yea - i nod. hoping he sees the vacancy sign blinking furiously.

lucky for me, he didn't scare easily. and HIM became permamnent.

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