Thursday, March 15, 2007

days spent doing a gang of ish!

dang. its been that long

so much has happened. the festival jumped ten feet than stumbled 20 feet down. my car kept me going, then the plates were reported stolen and i stared in the face of an evening in NYC finest, central booking of Brooklyn... my daughter starred as DOROTHY in the school play of THE WIZ of prospect heights and my mom came into town. i almost pulled out my hair with tears and doubled over laughing after our date to the katt williams concert.

i know in between the lines there is something brilliant to be said, and written, but i can't find it yet. im too busy getting the copies of my cave canem application out of my way and my mother's interest in focus. im trying not to worry about the double booking in england, or the overwhelming 4 classes a day with brilliant children residing in bklyn's cradle.

this time will be spent remembering the MOBEEZY, a drink i named while waiting for my turkey burger to be cooked at the brooklyn spot food for thought. or the brush with death moment the nuyo qualifier team had, after a team member was so late we were almost disqualified and before we came back from a .2 loss to win over urbana and louderarts.. yea, it was by .1 but its official. we are in. and the reunion felt really good. this is the time. that i will think of cocoa butter. and baby's scar. and his smile. and coffee. and laughter between a mother and daughter and granddaughter. and peace.

i want it. and for a second, it seems actually plausible

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my coffee is always said...

Sounds like a wonderful time... For what ever reason I could feel your baby gapped tooth smile as you clicked the keys... can't wait until late July and August... that two and you're in sh.. is whack, but I am so happy you made it...