Sunday, July 29, 2007

if ever

there was a time i went back to high school. it was friday.

i constantly complain about egos, morals, work ethic and such... that i forgot i am too -- fallable. and need to be reprimanded for my ugliness in the occassion that it rises and spills from my lips. i am acid too. when i want to be. burning holes of ill will into the foreheads, bangs, shoulders, backs and faces of those that have angered me. i am my own god. no one owes me more than me. so i will wait for nothing. not even the apology, 1 year late. or the handshake. or the fake pound. or the forced hug. i am my own god. need to pray-worshop-and adore myself for a change, as no one will do it better than i can. and no one's critique will mean more than mine. so yea. i am sorry. for becoming the one thing i hate most. and wearing it like a fur, as if it were really fashionable.

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