Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the shape of his manhood

now that i've gotten your attention...

moving: not even remotely over. i think we've cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom and half of the bedroom. that leaves the other bedroom and the living room in ruins.

my writing project: not so much. i swore july would be my month of creative output. but i just cant fly outta this moving funk.

slam: alot of slam ish taking my head out of the above two projects. talktome slam over by friday, that's a start.

his rib: selling outta books. this is the second shipment. you cant be mad at something so beautiful - even if it took forever to come together.

manhood: i had my 2nd car speed chase, ever. see scene below:

driving down a resendtial street. no more than 25, obviously. the driver behind me becomes impatient. rushes up to the left (where parallel parking resides) and he jumps out of his car yelling:

HIM: Ugly Ass Bitch!

Mo (slowing 25 mph to a crawl): me and ya mama can't both be ugly bitches!

HIM: WHAT? (jumps in car and proceeds to follow Mo)

Mo (two cars ahead): FUCK YOU!!

after driving up two blocks and over the hill, i watch his car pass in the mirror. this is when i remember i am not built to fight 260 pound men. no matter how many poems i write about fighting 260 pound men. i find parking, walk into my new house. filled with moving boxes and humidity. and buckle from the weight of what could have happened.


Shelle said...

ummm wow mo lol, don't mean to laugh...but damn...glad things turned out ok.

my coffee is always said...

sounds way too much like me...

gbreez said...

holy shite! you coulda been mushed.
be careful, woman. good you made it home ok.
well, for my fist visit to your site, it sure was an exciting one,lol.

joey said...

can't wait to see you ma!

check your email for your links and check my spot for some hot video