Friday, December 23, 2005

break of dawn

been up since then. finishing up book: unlikely.
editor needs a hard copy in his hand by first week of january
feel real good about that.

was stranded in san diego.
not so happy about that.

now comes the moment when my sister and i fall out.

it's been bubbling.
and i've threatned to tip the cup
her life is still her life

i have to remember that.
though its hard and i dont want her hurt -- i will hurt her

and so this is mi vida loca
non-stop personality clash
he laughs when i tell him the recent
verbal attack which always ends and begins
with expletives

he thinks we like it
im not so sure.

i mean. i love my family.
but hate all the additives.
however, i know that those are parts that make them --
all those flaws
and fuk-ups
are what make them whole
and i cant take the parts that i like:
conversation, laughter, intelligence, creativity, drive, ambition, intiative
and throw away the other parts:
bad choice in men, bad choice in men, guillibe, bad choice in men.

so i have to sit here
and wait for the storm to pass
and if it doesnt hurry - i will have to leave
before one of us tears the roof off this mutha

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