Friday, December 16, 2005

strike 1

we are in limbo

waiting for the MTA (subway) employee's decision on whether to strike or not.

if they do: no work
no driving into the city without 3 other people in the car
no work
no work


so far so good. they haven't pulled the employee's and the contract ran out this morning @ 12:01am.

but the good news is - the DSL line is being installed. cable tv is back n effect. and a new number for el telefono! holllller. :)


taylor said...

Supposedly it is illegal for them to strike. But they seem to have the contingency a little too together for that to be what I believe as true. I will be at the semi's tonight @ Nuyo. My fear... will I be able to get home.

Relentless said...

So, Mo, I haven't heard anything like this before of course. Is this crucial? I don't wanna be stuck out.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

crucial if it happens, yea. i guess. but. this is NYC -- everything is crucial. :)