Monday, December 05, 2005

the must have soul collection (no specific order)

16 - tweet (smoking cigarettes? disgustingly beautiful)
15 - musiq
14 - h-town. (what? what you shaking your head 'for?!)
13 - john legend
12 - alicia keys
11 - brian mcknight
10 - raphael saadiq (toni tony tone, included)
9 - nina simone
8 - debarge (the group and chico's first album)
7 - joe (before he started dancing around like maniac)
6- jill scott
5 - mary j blige (the my life album...all day)
4 - lauryn hill (x-factor still hurts my soul)
3 - donny hathaway (if i ever loved you baby?? cmon!)
2 - meshell ndegecello
1 - dangelo

who am i missing?


tessa said...

Vivian Green
Rose Royce
Aretha Franklin
Naughty By Nature
Amp Fiddler
Mariah's The Emancipation of Mimi
Britney (yeah I know but its fun)

tessa said...

btw, do you know the dates u r back in Manchester or London. I think you said something about February. I sent my boyfriend your CD and he wants to go to your show next time you're here

taylor said...

Remy Shand
Deborah Bond
Rhian Benson
Lutha (Luther Vandross)