Friday, December 30, 2005

i'm all smiles

i've never had that much fun before...

that said...

time to start getting our bags together. amari is walking away with a bag full of clothing - enough for a small village of children.

still sick. i want it to be gone before i get on the plane - cause i don't want to chance catching a sinus infection.

still addicted to myspace. the people you can build with on there... however - this will always be my blog, fam. i just posted a couple of poems up there -- but you know it's only about me and you - right?


i'm too silly. maybe it's because i haven't eaten in a couple of days. can't taste anything. so i feel it's almost disrespectful to shovel food in my mouth that i can't savor. especially my grandmother's cooking. i think i will bring him a plate home so i can see how he likes it -- like pirates of the carribean.

im bugging. i know.

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